What is back acne?

Back acne, or “bacne,” is acne vulgaris on the back, usually the upper back. Acne vulgaris or acne for short is a skin condition that affects the pores. Pores have a hair follicle and sebaceous gland or oil gland at the bottom and an opening at the top. The oil called sebum flows up to the skin surface to moisturize the skin. As it travels upwards, it carries dead skin cells and debris with it out of the pore. Acne occurs when the oil, dead skin, and debris are trapped in the pore, forming a plug. The clogged pore can also trap bacteria, causing inflammation.

Tips on how to get rid of your Back acne, 
Scars and Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation:

Step 1. Cleanse


🧡 Holy Bright! Melazero Soap
is a unique blend of Melazero, Vitamin E and Collagen to soothe, hydrate and boost skin circulation. The key ingredient Melazero helps reduce the appearance and discoloration of acne scars.

🧡 Supreme Skin Reboot Soap
with Glutathione + Kojic Acid 

is formulated with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that effectively remove impurities that clog pores. Gently moisturizes and lightens skin. Regular use helps prevent pimples, whiteheads and other skin blemishes resulting in a more younger looking skin.

Step 2. Exfoliate

Proper exfoliation can work wonders. Exfoliation increases cell turnover by removing dead skin cells allowing your skin to breathe.


🧡 Supreme Skin Reboot Toner
is a gentle exfoliating toner that contains vitamins and antioxidants to buff away impurities and dead skin cells.

Step 3. Treat

Use the right product for hyperpigmentation.


🧡 Holy Bright! Quad Serum 

is formulated with 4 powerful actives. The key ingredient, Melazero is clinically proven to successfully erase and prevent melanin formation in just 14 days.

Step 4. Protect from harmful UV rays


🧡Supreme Skin Reboot Sunscreen

formulated with brightening formula and SPF 30 is your first line of defense from skin damage and more.

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with Brightening Formula
+UVA/UVB protection with SPF 30

Supreme Skin Reboot Sunscreen contains active sunscreen that protects the skin against sun damage, UVA/UVB and infrared rays. Packed with brightening and moisturizing formula for that radiant and youthful skin.

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